About Me

I am passionate about the environment and community. Science has been my calling but I’m truly driven by the use of science to bring people together and make meaningful changes in the world.

My current research explores forests and water resources and broad scales.

From an anthropogenic perspective, forests provide the water supplies for the majority of urban areas around the world. Forests are also of intense interest for their capacity to sequester and store carbon. The consequences of climate change has heightened this interest, as well as revealed the threats these ecosystems face.

Forests are also beautiful, and come in so much variety. There are fascinating scientific questions to explore here, relating to streamflow generation; nutrient budgets spanning the atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere; and eco-hydrologic linkages.

I love walking through forests! Even though I often conduct research at catchment to continental scales, standing in one spot can help you realize the complexity of every landscape, down to the scale of hummocks, windthrows, and trickling water over the leaf litter after the rain.